Reconnect to a PURE world, YTL Hotels' activities programme that vivifies the senses; immersing you in the vibrancy, scents, textures, sounds and tastes of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the region. Here, where time is measured by the rise and fall of tides, the island, and the pace at which you choose to experience its endless wonders, is yours.

Jungle Trekking

jungle trekking

Estimated to be over 2 million years old, uncover the mysteries of the island’s spectacular virgin rainforest on this guided jungle trek with our resident naturalist. Two trails are available, a refreshing short trek through the northern perimeter and a longer more invigorating trek that offers stunning views of the sea from the top of the southern perimeter. These daily walks reveal fascinating insights on the rich plant and animal life that thrives beneath the ancient forest, and ends at the beautiful Emerald Bay. Do wear long trousers, long/short sleeved top, sun hat and comfortable walking shoes. Bring along mosquito repellent and swimwear for a swim at Emerald Bay at the end of the trek.
Morning Revival

morning revival

Regain physical and mental harmony by exploring the resort’s yoga morning sessions amidst the fresh ocean breeze and soothing sound of the waves. Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to unite the body and mind, improving strength, flexibility and muscle tone.
Fishing Excursions

fishing excursions

Embark on a nautical adventure and explore the Straits of Malacca on one of the resort's motorised boats. Whether a novice or an experienced angler, these exhilarating experiences showcase the joys of saltwater fishing and include refreshments on-board.

Take a chartered trip to Pulau Sembilan after lunch with our professional fishing guide. Species that can be encountered include the bigeye tuna, barracuda, giant trevally and queenfish. Soft drinks are provided on-board. This trip requires a minimum of 2 persons and accommodates up to 4 persons.
Take in the beauty of the surrounding islands whilst soaking up the warm tropical sun. Fish in waters teeming with tropical marine life such as the blue line grouper and yellowtail. Lunch is served on-board. This trip requires a minimum of 2 persons and accommodates up to 4 persons.
Island Hopping & Picnic Excursion

island hopping and picnic excursion

Set sail aboard one of the resort's motorised boats and explore the tiny islands that dot the Straits of Malacca. Take in the beauty of the surrounding islands, soaking up the warm tropical sun before plunging into a secluded bay to cool off. Complete your experience with a personalised gourmet picnic basket on the boat before returning to the resort.

watersports: kayaking & paddle boarding

For water lovers, a varied selection of non-motorised watercraft is available for hire at the Water Sports Centre. Choose to explore the island in a kayak or skim the waves on a paddleboard. Guests must wear personal buoyancy aids for safety reasons.