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Enjoy the Luxury of Your Own Private Resort

Luxurious and incredibly private, the Estates, accessible from Kuala Lumpur by helicopter or via car and luxury yacht, is located on the northern vicinity on the private island of Pangkor Laut. Eight individual enclaves were crafted as private paradises, with inspiration drawn from a slew of traditions and influences - from vernacular architecture of the Malay Archipelago, to British colonial verandahs, to sustainable architecture, resulting in an own distinct identity and capturing the spirit of a traditional Southeast Asian estate. The name itself conjures up an atmosphere reminiscent of the romantic lifestyle of a British estate manager of old Malaya.

The overarching principle during the development of the estates was to tread lightly on the land, underlining all efforts to minimise impact on the land and protecting the environment. Living spaces were subtly weaved into the jungle terrain, painstakingly negotiated and built around boulders, natural ponds and trees, ensuring the acres of rainforest remained pristine.

Each estate comprises of a cluster of pavilions that are interconnected by a combination of flagged stone pathways, wooden bridges and decks, ponds, gardens and rock steps into an integrated whole. The lush rainforest canopy eclipses the discrete individual living, dining, resting, bath and bedroom pavilions with a living emerald veil. A focal point of every estate, which houses two to four villas, is its private pool with dramatic views of the island's breathtaking landscape, be it from a sandy beachfront setting or high up on the hillside amidst the jungle.

On each estate, personal butlers are at hand to ensure every attention to detail is looked after, from personalised dining experiences to arranging a massage from the award-winning Spa Village in the privacy of your own villa; while a private chef prepares dishes to cater to individual tastes and requirements. Should guests wish to venture from the pure relaxation of their estate, the vibrant atmosphere of Pangkor Laut Resort is just minutes away by chauffeur-driven car.

For all its luxury, the Estates' greatest appeal is the unobtrusive way it blends with the natural forest environment. Its aesthetics and the calm silence, broken only by the melodious sounds of the island's wildlife, bring peace of mind and a deep tranquillity. Here, life arrives at your doorstep or perches on your window sill. A daily orchestra performs the omnipresent songs of the cicadas, harmonising with the sweet trilling of the birds to the tempo of the lapping waves. What the estates provide goes beyond mere luxury, in this private sanctuary; you are taken to another world.

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